Wood Floor Refinishing Albany NY

Maintain the value of your genuine wood flooring. Over time, every day wear and tear that can occur from pets, spills, traffic, high heel shoes and furniture can gradually dull the appearance of your wood floors. Refinish and restore your wood floors with Ruff n’ Tuff.

Restoring your wood floors is a cost effective option when compared to expensive sanding and/or refinishing. Having your hardwood floors professionally cleaned can make them look more like new. Your hardwood floors can shine and should always look fresh. The key is to keep them in good condition and maintain your wood floors to avoid sanding and refinishing. Count on Ruff n’ Tuff Cleaning to keep your hardwood floors looking their best.

Wood Flooring Refinishing Albany NY

Ruff n’ Tuff takes pride in adding value to your home or business.

Your new or refinished hardwood floor will increase the equity in your home or business location. Ruff n’ Tuff offer wood floor:

  • Sanding
  • Installation
  • Refinishing
  • Custom Installs

Ruff n’ Tuff specializes in Water Base, Polyurethane Super Gloss, Semi-Gloss, Super Satin Gloss, and Satin Stains.

Ruff n’ Tuff specialize in Plank Pine and solid Oak floor installs in Albany NY.

  • Ruff n’ Tuff sands the floor surfaces.
  • Ruff n’ Tuff fills all cracks and holes to ensure an aesthetic appeal and reduce the accumulation of dirt.
  • Ruff n’ Tuff seals your wood floor using a durable sealer which dries within two hours.
  • Ruff n’ Tuff screens floors between each coat to ensure smoothness and durability.


We also refinish decks!


Tile Flooring Installs

Ruff n’ Tuff installs all types, including marble, ceramic, granite, and more. Here at Ruff n’ Tuff, we understand the importance of proper surface preparation before installing any tile floor. This includes leveling and durability of the subflooring.

Details and Procedures

Step 1: Rip up the existing floor (as needed).

Extra Step: Level and strengthen subflooring

Step 2: Ruff n’ Tuff applies backer board for durability

Extra Step: Ruff n’ Tuff only use screws to keep the floor stationary

Step 3: If necessary, we will skim coat any low spots

Extra Step: We can also do borders and patterns.

Carpet Cleaning

Details and Procedures

Step 1: Spray traffic lane spotter

Extra Step: Rotary scrub carpet (hand scrub stairs)

Step 2: Extract with hot water

Extra Step: Use extracting power brush

Ruff n’ Tuff Cleaning

Restore your wood floors in Albany NY

Hardwood Floor Refinishing Albany NY

Your hardwood floors can look new longer through our WoodGlo™ Cleaning System which provides a protective finish against everyday damage that can occur. Ruff n’ Tuff uses environmentally friendly, specially formulated products and professional equipment to create supreme durability and successfully eliminate dirt, dust, oil and other contaminants that can damage your wood floors.

Water-based finishes and sealers safeguard your wood flooring investment, offer faster dry times and have less harmful fumes than oil-based finishes thanks to their low levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Call Ruff n’ Tuff today for a free estimate!

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Wood Floor Refinishing Albany NY

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Wood Floor Refinishing Albany NY

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